Remaining sponsorship packages

Booking confirmation

Sponsors will receive acknowledgements, benefits, and entitlements as outlined in the prospectus.

When approving sponsorship for categories/items with limited opportunities, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  1. The level of sponsorship applied for;
  2. The Organisation’s past and current support for, and association with, ANZUNS, whilst also recognising and encouraging new organisations to become Sponsors;
  3. Date of completion of the Sponsorship Booking Form WITH payment

Please note that 2017 ANZUNS Sponsors have first right to continue sponsorship at their existing level (up to 29 September 2017).

How to book: Premium, Classic, Guest Speaker, Forum, Awards Sponsorship booking: use the below button

Download Prospectus PDF Booking Form


How to book: Nurses Education Evening or Nursing Professional Development Awards contact Kay Talbot at details below.

ANZUNS sponsorship enquiries

Kay Talbot              T: +61 3 8506 3600             E: [email protected]